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Steak on the Grill


When: February 25 at 4:00pm

(boats leave at 4:15pm so don't be late!)

Location: CS Lee Park


Cost: Free


-We will boat from CS Lee Park a little way down the river and then set up charcoal fires on the shore to grill steaks. If you have a camp grill you may bring it along with the following items: Meat and other food, beverages, plates, utensils, chairs.


- If you are willing and able to bring your boat and help transport to and from, it would be greatly appreciated! If so, please contact the Men of St. Luke’s to coordinate.

If you have a boat:


Subject: Boat for Steak Night

Body: please include number of seats available

Lee Park

C.S. Lee is a 3-acre park used as a boat launching facility into the beautiful St. Johns River basin.

It is located 15 miles east of US 17-92 on State Road 46 just before crossing the St. John's River at the Seminole County Line.


 4600 E State Road 46, Geneva, FL 32732 

 Phone: 407-665-2001                                                                    

Lee Park 1.jpg
Lee Park 2.jpg

Pictures from previous years

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