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Runners Taking Off

Men of
St. Luke's

Get ready for the 1st annual Men of St. Luke's Olympics, This will be an all day event on Saturday, April 29th  starting at 7:30 AM and will end around 6:00 PM. The Olympics will consist of the following events:

  • 75 Yard Golf Pitch

  • Free Throw Shooting

  • Cornhole

  • Darts

  • Pool

  • Bowling

The Olympics will take place at St Luke's, Oviedo Bowling Center, and a local pool hall. We will require a $25 deposit to hold your place in the event and we are capping it at 20 participants for the 1st year. 


This is your chance to be declared the St. Luke's Olympic Champion and to have a great day of fellowship along the way.  A BBQ lunch will be provided.

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