reaching new heights



OUR VISION is to provide men with the resources to develop Godly character and help equip them to influence their world for Jesus Christ by....

  • Bringing men into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Uniting men in accountability, Bible study, fellowship, ministry, and prayer

  • Providing men with mentoring opportunities that lead to significant, vital relationships

  • Creating a supportive environment for men that touches the lives of the entire family


Upcoming Events


Weekly Huddle

Sunday's at 9:45am

Meeting Room 4

Join us every Sunday for a small group Men's Bible Study to discuss God's Word and strengthen our fellowship.



Clay Archey's property

(same place as last few years)

Oviedo, FL

February 5th at 7 PM

Bring your Christmas tree and your neighbors tree as well to add to the pile! There will be some venison chili and gumbo. Bring everything else you want....chair, beer, wine, water, ect..


steaks on grill72dpi.jpg

Steak Night

Boat Ramp at
CS Lee Park

February 26th at 5 PM

Bring your own meat, utensils, drink, chair and depending on who you ride with a change of clothes!!!

Note: We will need some guys to bring a boat if they have one.